The Educated Laborers

You need money to live and need to work for money. The monotonous life of following a set routine and working hard all throughout the day makes us educated modern day laborers. Even after short fulfilled vacations between the hectic life, we all experience the sadness of returning to the job.  No matter how happy or better we feel temporarily after the vacation. Returning to work also brings back the depression that takes over the mind.  We can’t do anything about it and even can’t escape.  Just keep looking for some mental release, occasionally.


Everyday hundreds of labourers assemble at a point to be hired for the day or begin their daily tasks at factories and other places to earn their living. A normal labour who survives on daily wages, earns very less amount of money that only can fulfil some of his daily requirements but at the end of the day he returns home with a peace of mind, without carrying any stress or tension related to his work. As that man doesn’t have any deadlines to meet, he has to just wake up in the morning and begin his regular tasks again. He is his own boss, no performance issues or stress of losing his job, as he depends on daily wages which are based on his skills. Ironically, we are those labourers who are educated and practice or work in the various sectors and always experience work pressure and live a stressful life.  No doubt we earn far more than the labour class but this comes with an added cost, as we are bound to follow a set routine, work even after the office hours, face competition and prone to varied lifestyle disease. Even a business man has to face many challenges at a point of time in terms of competition, profit, expansion etc.


Working under someone else has always feel like a restriction additionally there is no job security in terms of you can be fired any time due to any reasons or if you are a practitioner you may lose the clients at any point of time. Whereas, these limitations don’t exist among the labourers, one doesn’t have to wake up unwillingly, there is a freedom to work according to yourself and they just fulfil the main motive which is to earn ample amount for daily needs. Additionally, can earn extra money by doing overtime and even during few seasons, sadly many of us in the corporate sector don’t even have these options too.


The National Minimum Wages Act, 1948, lays down minimum wages for 45 listed economic activities, which also serve as minimum wages for these activities in the states. However, states can specify minimum wages for over 1,600 economic activities. Interestingly, the highest minimum wage rate as updated in 2012 is Rs. 322/day in Andaman and Nicobar to Rs. 38/day in Tripura.

Just think, wouldn’t it be great if you could live in a world where you didn’t have any competition? Where everyone is their own boss? Make money by working hard, sleep great at night, and enjoy long holidays and weekends whenever you want to.  But life’s just not that way, is it?


Alas, the reality is ironic to these sugary imaginations.  Our life is getting more complicated day by day, as we move forward in our professional life, no doubt it is making us self-reliant and wealthier but taking away many things from us like mental peace, family life and good health.  

The meaning of term simple living for us has changed as it now involves many materialistic pleasures.  But on the contrary, labour class strives daily to achieve necessities of life like food, shelter, medication, and education. Many of them are not able to afford these. Sometimes they have to let their children work to earn money, leading to child labour which is illegal No doubt, we don’t need to struggle for these necessities, as majority of us have decent salary packages. But, this fact cannot be ignored that we want to earn to reach certain position in our life, the real world is challenging and will keep evolving. Our needs, desires keep increasing and we continue to chase them ignoring many other things, which we realize later. We have become educated labourers who slog every single day against our wishes to fulfil our goals, dreams, and life after retirement. In short, we compromise our present to secure our future, which is uncertain. On this labour day, we salute the whole working class including the unskilled, skilled and educated labourers for their devotion and hard work.

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