Human existence!!

Sometimes, we start being proud of ourselves without achieving anything noteworthy. We show our egoistic side time to time and try to make ourselves feel special and supreme in every situation. But why? How does make us feel so unique? who we are? Why we feel that we are the only special one who deserve everything? Why don’t we get happy and appreciate someone who achieves more than us? Why we always try to pull them down or get jealous of them? Why can’t we get inspired to achieve something like they did?


If we try to look around or see our self in the mirror and recall our achievements, we will surely get that we haven’t achieved much in life till yet. Then what make us proud?

None of the great leaders and renowned personality like bill gates, mark Zuckerberg or Albert Einstein ever behaved this way. Success doesn’t come easily, and a person who has achieved something in life has already learned the lesson of humility and generosity. That is why all renowned personalities around the globe are down to earth even when they have already achieved so much in their life.


Now it’s time to know and face the reality- our existence in front of the entire universe.

So, let me explain, who we are,

Imagine, if you see someone standing in front of you, may be that person is taller than you or vice versa. But what if that same person is standing on the 10th floor? Yes, you will appear like an insect if viewed from such height.


Let’s now move to a higher altitude!

Any idea, how you will appear like when some try to see you from the ISS (International space station), which is around 400 KM above the earth surface? Yes, you got it right from here you will not be visible. Even the place where you are standing, will also not be visible from ISS. Only cloud, ocean, and other huge structures like the great wall of china can be visible from such a distance.

ISS007-E-10807.JPGPicture Credits : NASA

So, can you compare your size with these? Surely the answer is no, that’s the reality check!

Interestingly, one can only be visible from a certain height and the visibility of the position starts getting zero from just 400 KM above the earth’s surface.

Are you still proud of yourself and feel supreme?

Alas, till now we didn’t even leave the earth’s atmosphere!

Now, let’s jump to a new place and try to search your position on earth from moon. Where are you? Where the is that wall of china which was, the biggest structure made by human?  The oceans and clouds are also converted into blue and white spots. The only thing visible is our planet earth. So now you must have realised what’s our value in front all these elements of the universe?

First_View_of_Earth_from_Moon_-_reprocessed_wide.jpgPicture Credits : Wikipedia

Let’s now jump out the solar system! Where ‘s our earth? Our home? It appears like a blue spot in our solar system with other planets around it.

Now it’s time to get on the edge of our milky way galaxy. Where’s our solar system? It was so big? Where it is? Yes, it’s even tough to imagine our existence in front of the giant galaxy.

It’s not the end, lets imagine an alien friend who is trying to contact you from one step ahead of the milky way. Right, from another galaxy called Andromeda galaxy, about 2.5 million light years away from the planet earth. Looking at the sky? Don’t wait for the message!  You will die 2.5 million years before that message reaches you because even if that alien friend gets successful in contacting you by sending a message at a speed equal to the speed of light, which is not possible.


This was your existence in front of the whole universe from our eyes. There are billions of galaxies around our planet, where we human might reach someday with more development in science and powerful technology.

We can’t even imagine what all different kind of things exists in the universe, as many are still unknown to humans. There can be other habitual planet like earth where life can exist.

Watch Video Here


There are also many powerful calamities like earthquakes, tsunami which can erase of existence within micro seconds. So why to be proud and consider ourselves supreme? When we stand nowhere in front of the universe. It’s degree of power is beyond our imagination, so we should always limit our self and just try to be what we should be.

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