Something will change your life



We see people, observe and make them our inspiration. Then try to be like them and push our self for a certain period to achieve what we wish for. We explore, research to peruse our dream and reach the goals, but sometimes we don’t realise that the lifetime decreases with each day passing by. The reality is that we can’t use our credit or debit card to buy some time for our self to improve mistakes and even can’t ask someone to share their time with us.  We can only loose it and don’t realise in the present time that how much we’ve left behind.  It’s important to think and realise that you have less time to transform dreams to reality, just be true to yourself.


Keep in mind that we, humans are the only species who have enough time to explore more than other creatures on earth because our brain is designed to think more than usual.

We give ourselves too much time to accomplish things because we always want to do best and outshine. We all aim to be successful and shine like a diamond. But in this world, there is no such evolutionary pressure that can help us to achieve what we aim for. We only need to create that positive pressure to become a diamond and it is only possible if we understand the value of time.


So, stop wasting time because eventually, when it will be visa-versa, time will kill us. Everyone has that ability to prevent wasting time and so can kill it easily.

What we need to do is to think in a right way about how to utilize time before acting or making any decision.

Time is the most valuable resource one can have, it has made by us to run our life peacefully. We can save, invest and share money but can’t do anything with the time except utilizing or wasting it. So, stop wasting your life by not utilizing that valuable time because later, the only thing we’ll realise is the TIME!

We just need to decide the time span to be given to dreams and stop as soon it is realised that we are wasting time on the things that can damage us and shrink the lifespan.

It’s high time to realise that we are killing time ourselves and it’s not a joke because we can’t recycle or get it back.  


We just need to aim to utilize time and make it work for us. There is a need to start living a life where dreams and wishes can come true through our planned and strategic actions.

Pressure builds a diamond, so find a way through difficulties, fight and shine on. Don’t fear and have anxiety or hurry to achieve everything instantly. Just keep fighting, keep moving forward and you will conquer your dreams one day. As it’s us who see dreams, its ours, then how can we let anybody or anything to come in its way?


We’ve got exactly 86,400 seconds in a day. How we use them? Yes, it all upon us to utilize time and try hard and harder next time to live that dream life. That is the only way to live for what you wish for.

And the gist is, “Work hard today to have a brighter tomorrow one step closer to you.”

And yes, promise yourself not waste the valuable knowledge and motivation acquired while reading this blog because you have just spent your precious time to learn something that can change your lifestyle and make you shine like a diamond.

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